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Heli Network, a New Blockchain Layer 1 Project, will Launch its Apps in May, Heli Wallet and Heli Super App

COLUMBIA, SC / Globe PR Wire / April 25, 2024 / Heli Network, a pioneering platform revolutionizing financial transactions through blockchain technology. The platform excitedly announced its new product , Heli Super App, which will launch next month.

To address the latest approach, Heli Network will launch its new product, Heli Super App, in May. The platform aims to revolutionize Heli Network’s ecosystem by offering an innovative app. Heli Super App will be used for decentralized data collection, blockchain technology, and AI, enabling machine learning, market research, and trend analysis.

In addition, Heli Super App has exceptional features that can help users:

  • Experience the HELI ecosystem
  • Participate in HELI authentication node verification
  • Stake & Save HELI
  • Refer and earn
  • Do tasks to receive HELI
  • Reward tasks

The platform also creates a decentralized ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses as well. Heli Network’s complete ecosystem includes:

  • Heli Bridge
  • Heli Launchpad
  • Heli Gaming
  • Heli Foundation
  • Heli SocialFI
  • Heli NFT Marketplace
  • Heli DEX
  • Heli E-Commerce
  • Heli P2p Trading Platform
  • Heli Mining & Staking

Moreover, Heli Network’s ecosystem engages the community in communicating and collaborating. The platform aims to build a vibrant community aligned with its vision for the future. Additionally, Heli Network is a mainnet and serves as a bridge for the blockchainization of traditional projects, especially in the field of E-Commerce.

Furthermore, the Heli Network provides scalability through the Proto-Dankshading algorithm and enables transactions within the network to occur quickly. Heli Network also allows the development of more complex financial systems and applications on its blockchain.

About Heli Network:

Heli Network is a top-tier platform revolutionizing financial transactions through blockchain technology. Developed by a team of engineers from two technologically advanced nations, the United States and India, Heli Network has been focused on continuous development and research into cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the area of Blockchain layer 1 and the Web3 ecosystem, since its inception. The platform is working on its new product, an app called Heli Wallet, which is aimed to be released soon. It will be used for easy and secure management of digital assets.

Apart from that, Heli Network will start its presale from April 27 to May 2, 2024, for 10% of the total supply at the price of $0.002/Heli. The platform aims to provide a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem and offer low transaction fees and high-speed blockchain. With the upcoming presale event, Heli Network will give the opportunity for investors and crypto enthusiasts to take part in Heli token growth from the beginning phase . The platform will allow individuals to acquire Heli tokens at reasonable prices and build a robust network ecosystem. In addition, by offering an investment opportunity, the platform is paving the way for those who want to be a part of the next wave of blockchain innovation.

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