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Unice Help AI Doctor Enters a New Era of Medical Validation with Chung-Ang University Hospital

 Singapore, Singapore, 18th Apr 2024 – UNICE’s ground-breaking “AI Doctor” is about to go through a rigorous review by renowned medical professionals at Chung-Ang University Hospital, marking a significant step towards changing healthcare. UNICE and Chung-Ang University Hospital have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which is a significant step forward in the development of AI-driven healthcare solutions.


Chung-Ang University Healthcare System, established in 1968 as the first domestic association of medical school professors, is a symbol of excellence in the Korean medical field. Over the years, Chung-Ang University Hospital has undergone continuous changes, including its relocation to Heukseok-dong in 2004 and its merger with Yongsan Hospital in 2011.

The establishment of Chung-Ang University Gwangmyeong Hospital in March 2022 further solidified the institution’s commitment to pioneering new frontiers in medical care. With a focus on convergence research, the industrialization of biomedical technologies, and the cultivation of global healthcare leaders, this institution aims to redefine the standards of medical excellence. Additionally, Chung-Ang University Hospital is one of Korea’s leading large-scale hospitals with over 1,500 beds, playing a pivotal role in providing top-tier medical services to patients both domestically and internationally.

UNICE is an AI-based blockchain healthcare messenger service created by doctors, aimed at developing an AI doctor capable of diagnosing diseases, prescribing medications, and performing surgeries. This project has been selected as an ecosystem project by a leading global Web3 venture capital firm and has garnered worldwide attention. UNICE analyzes users’ conversational and voice data to assess their physical and mental health. Based on these assessments, UNICE provides personalized health management solutions, monitors users’ mental health through regular conversations, and offers pathways to professional assistance when needed. Additionally, it ensures the secure protection of users’ health data and tokenizes this data, allowing users to manage and monetize their information.

UNICE and Chung-Ang University Hospital’s partnership signifies a collaborative effort to harness the power of AI in healthcare delivery. UNICE’s “AI Doctor” represents a paradigm shift in medical support, leveraging cutting-edge technology to overcome language barriers, facilitate real-time communication, and provide invaluable medical insights.

Under the terms of the MOU, Chung-Ang University Hospital’s team of high-level medical professionals will conduct a comprehensive review of UNICE’s “AI Doctor.” This evaluation process will scrutinize the AI’s ability to analyze and interpret medical data accurately, provide timely recommendations, and ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.

Dr. Jeong-taek Kwon, Director of Chung-Ang University Hospital, emphasized the potential of UNICE Lab’s service in addressing medical personnel shortages and economically predicting and managing diseases. He highlighted the expansion of Chung-Ang University Hospital’s global healthcare network through partnerships with leading AI-based companies.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yoo, the CEO of UNICE Lab, expressed his expectations to enhance medical accessibility in regions with limited medical resources by creating AI doctors and economically valuing user data to reduce the financial burden of treatment. He emphasized the significant impact of combining UNICE Lab’s technology with the medical expertise of Chung-Ang University Hospital in achieving their goals.

The synergy between UNICE and Chung-Ang University Hospital exemplifies the transformative potential of interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare. By leveraging the expertise of medical professionals alongside cutting-edge AI technology, the partnership seeks to elevate the standard of care and improve patient outcomes.

As the evaluation process unfolds, both UNICE and Chung-Ang University Hospital remain committed to advancing the frontiers of medical innovation. The culmination of this partnership promises to usher in a new era of AI-driven healthcare, where the boundaries of possibility are continually pushed, and the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds.

In conclusion, the MOU between UNICE and Chung-Ang University Hospital heralds a new chapter in the journey towards harnessing AI for the betterment of healthcare. Through collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence, these two institutions are poised to redefine the future of healthcare and crypto.

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