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Google and Cashtree Celebrate Dual Milestones: 8 Years of Partnership and 20 Million Downloads

Jakarta, Indonesia — Today, the digital realm is alight with double the festivities. As the company reflects upon an 8-year collaborative odyssey involving Cashtree, Indonesia’s premier mobile advertising titan, and Google, the global tech behemoth, it is equally thrilled to spotlight a momentous achievement: 20 million downloads of the Cashtree mobile app on the Google Play Store.

From its genesis in 2015, Cashtree and Google have been engaged in a dynamic synergy. Bound by a common vision centered around excellence, safety, and optimal user experience, this alliance has produced a mobile advertising application that has resonated with millions. As we mark eight years, this enduring partnership is underscored by the staggering 20 million downloads, a clear testament to our shared dedication and the esteem we’ve earned from our user community.

“The intricate terrain of Indonesia’s mobile demographic demands finesse. Our commitment to an app that resonates with this audience and aligns with Google’s stringent standards is the outcome of relentless collaborative dialogue,” said Boni Renanda from Cashtree.

This mutual tenacity ensures Cashtree remains not just in step with Google Play Store’s requirements but perpetually aims higher, elevating the user experience consistently.

The journey to 20 million wasn’t just about sheer numbers; it’s an emblem of the caliber and confidence Cashtree has fostered among its extensive user fraternity, further magnified by our bond with Google. 

The company’s stature as Indonesia’s foremost mobile advertising podium owes much to this partnership. Marrying Google’s unmatched proficiency with its intimate grasp of local market intricacies, Cashtree has consistently set the bar for value and innovation,

“As we revel in today’s twin celebrations, our heartfelt appreciation flows to Google for their unwavering camaraderie and to our users for their steadfast belief in our platform. This occasion epitomizes the profound impact of strategic alliances and the wonders that unfold when clarity of purpose, dedication, and teamwork intersect,” added Boni Renanda.

With its illustrious history as a backdrop and an exciting horizon beckoning, both Cashtree and Google remain steadfast in their mission to redefine mobile advertising’s future vistas. 

Boni continues, “To all who have journeyed with us – from the inaugural download to the landmark 20 millionth – your belief is the bedrock of our triumph”

To continue breakthroughs, innovations, and collective victories in the unfolding chapters, join Cashtree at

About Cashtree:

Founded in 2015, Cashtree is Indonesia’s leading mobile advertising platform. Through its state-of-the-art Android mobile app, Cashtree delivers personalized advertising experiences tailored to the Indonesian audience. Combining innovation and robust technology, Cashtree consistently sets benchmarks in mobile advertising. 

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