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CryptoINK Launches One-Stop Multi Business Digital Website For Cryptocurrency & Non- Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Crypto International Keeper popularly known as CryptoINK has launched the long-awaited one-stop digital website to ease the stress of payment for various international freelance services through Cryptocurrencies. 


CryptoINK which operates worldwide is a government-recognized Company in Bosnia, Austria; duly registered as a Marketing firm. The Company`s One-Stop Multi Business Website www.cryptoink.online went live on Monday, 14th of November 2022. 

Chief Executive Officer of CryptoINK, Mr Kemal Ukic generally known as XMRAT said in a statement that the website will be beneficial to cryptocurrency and Non- Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts who may be interested to register as freelancers on the platform.

“We came up with this to ease the stress of international payments. There are many freelancing sites where people register to utilize their talents by providing services for Buyers. We noticed that most time, buyers find it difficult to make payment for such services due to Bank restrictions in their countries, and some of them resort to using virtual cards to be able to pay in foreign currencies but most of these virtual cards charge so much and are not reliable in most cases. On the side of the freelancers, you will notice that they were charged huge commissions by the platforms.


However, our one-stop digital website www.cryptoink.online aims to put an end to these loopholes as there will be 0% tax commissions and buyers will be able to make payments through the biggest empowering Crypto Project FCF, French Connection Finance, where we use the most secured Crypto payment gateway FCF Pay.


The Chief Executive Officer of CryptoINK, Mr Kemal Ukic (XMRAT), said more features would be added to the site and that freelancers who can provide professional services can proceed to register on the website. He said there would be a massive marketing campaign to create more awareness to attract buyers that will patronize the registered freelancers. 


Mr Kemal Ukic (XMRAT) further disclosed that they would create their native token CryptoINK #CIK by December 2022 on the Binance Smart Chain.


He said “we will Launch a Special NFT collection after the Launch of the Native Token #CIK, where the non-cryptocurrency users will be able to Mint an NFT Like Buying in an online Shop, where the NFTs will have a Sharing system. It means CryptoINK is Going to Share 30% of Monthly revenue monthly with the NFT holders, so if they Mint an NFT of 5% of revenue, they will get 5% of the 30% of the revenue that is CryptoINK Sharing. 


If CryptoINK makes $100K in revenue in a month, 30% of $30K is for the Sharing whereas in this case, the NFT holders of 5% get it from the $30K which is 1.5K $


The Chief Executive Officer of CryptoINK, Mr Kemal Ukic (XMRAT) said other features such as providing Merchandise Online Shops for Big Crypto

Projects, Online Shopping, NFTs Special Place, soon providing one of the greatest Token Economies for the yet-to-be-launched #CIK Token.


He, however, advised the public to follow up on CryptoINK social media handles for more updates about the company. 









Company Name: Nep-Phil Media Communications and Advertising

Company Website: https://nepphil.com/

Company Email: info@nepphil.com

Company WhatsApp No / Mobile: +2347045142020

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